by Ruby Froom

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Snow is my first EP. These four songs were written over the past three years, inspired by literature and personal experience. They were recorded, mixed and mastered over the past nine months at Williams College and in Los Angeles.

I owe a huge thank you to everyone involved, especially Nathan Miller, who encouraged me to record these songs and without whom none of this would be possible.

Proceeds go to my gap year fund, during which I'll be conducting prostate cancer and auditory neuroscience research (and gigging). Any amount is appreciated.

The album art is a mixed media piece by Alyson Vega. More of her artwork can be found here: Thanks to Kirk Pearson for helping resize stuff.

I hope y'all enjoy listening to this music as much as I've enjoyed making it!


Scott Daniel (violin) is a Chicago, IL native and a current student at Williams College. He plays in the Berkshire Symphony and several other campus musical groups, ranging from folk to jazz to rock. His other interests include theater, filmmaking, and petting small dogs.


released May 14, 2014

Ruby Froom (Songwriter, Arranger, Vocals, Piano, Vibraphone)
Nathan Miller (Producer, Engineer)
Chris Janson (Bass)
Richard Whitney (Trumpet)
Scott Daniel (Violin)
David Boucher (Engineer)
Alyson Vega (Album Art)



all rights reserved


Ruby Froom New York, New York

Ruby Froom is a Music and Neurobiology major at Williams College, and is a songwriter, arranger, music director, vocalist, pianist and mbira player. She has performed, arranged and recorded with the likes of NPR's Radiolab, Suzanne Vega, Duncan Sheik, Show of Cards, and The Indigo Girls. ... more

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Track Name: Brilliance
Ignorance gives way to lies
Those words, they tore me up inside
Who knew that he could be so fragile

It's all a mess of shattered dreams
I live the novel's recurring themes
As bombs tick away all the while

But through it all your warmth is in the air
Pale blue and amber gold, I feel you there

And in a sudden flash of brilliance
You are all I see
Oh, how I long for forgiveness
Is it true that I could be free?

I seek redemption in my own eyes
I've fallen for blessings in disguise
But still, I find it all worthwhile

To try my luck and try again
Convey the message I'm trying to send
All just so I can see you smile

Poison turns to medicine
It traces where I am, as well as where I've been
And throughout all the mayhem and the din
You can't always act so masculine

Cause in a sudden flash of brilliance
You are all around
I leave behind all my diligence
Sink into your arms without a sound

Ignorance gives way to lies
Through it all

In a sudden flash of brilliance
You are all there is
Track Name: Right Here
With you I can't explain myself
But I won't settle for anyone else
You're perfect, as far as I can tell
And well

I wanna take you out some place
Get to know the man behind the face
Have your arms around my waist
As time slips by without a trace

Wanna walk with you and hold your hand
Take me out to see your favorite band
With you I let myself expand
To let in all that I once banned

So why should we go anywhere
When everything we need is right here?
Laughter and a hand to hold when scared
Forget about your worries and your fear

And tell me about your childhood, your music and your loves
I wanna hear about the things that you dream of

Cause the sun is sinking through the trees
And our footsteps fall in line with ease
And words keep flowing fast and free
So spend a bit more time with me

Cause I like your mannerisms
I like the way you smile
And soon we'll be distanced
By miles and miles and miles and miles

So let's just ride this feeling
It'll all be over soon
But I can't let you get away before I know you
I hope that you don't judge me if I act a little strange
I can't exactly justify why I say the things I say

But why should we go anywhere
When everything we need is right here?

I just wanna know you
I just wanna know you, my dear
Track Name: Snow
Don't act like you don't know me
Don't act like you don't care
I've lost all the friction I once had
I slip and slide as you walk by

The wind was howling around us
Underneath the moon

And from the crook of my arm
I watch you watching me
Don't fall asleep
Don't you dare leave
Just stay here with me

I turn and watch you go
With the burden of what we both know
I'll wrap my aching summer night in snow
By break of dawn
You're going gone
Track Name: Bluebird
Oh, little bluebird
Won't you sing a little more?
A pretty tune I can't ignore?
Cause I've found I'm lost without you
Trapped in games of war

I revel in your sickness
And I drown you in wine
And while you weep, I insist
That everything is fine

And when the sunlight fades away
There's nothing left to keep the dark at bay
And as you cross my mind
I wish you'd rest, or stay confined
But you flit and flutter, you never stutter or stop to soak up time
No trace of any kind

I know the leaves have fallen
And that crunch on the ground hurts your ears
I know the winds are howling
And they smother the song you want me to hear

But won't you stay a little while?
I swear I'll make it worth your while
Just hunker down a few more miles
And crack a smile, little bluebird
Crack a smile